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- Unlock New Inspiration For Your Business

- Discover Your Brand Voice

- Understand What Makes Your Brand Special

- Tackles Strategic Branding Challenges

- Learn What Your Brand Stands For

- Strengthen Your Vision, Values, & Purpose

Branding is often overlooked but extremely important. Having a strong brand helps to clearly convey the message of your business to your ideal client. Come hang with Danette for a day as she explains how to:


DISCOVER (or rediscover) YOUR 

- Elevate Your Knowledge of Lightroom

- Learn Better Editing Consistency

- Hone Your Color-Grading Skills

- Master Your Own Unique Style

- Discover Why Consistency Is So Important

- Improve With Tips, Tricks, & Shortcuts

Heighten your Lightroom skills by learning better consistency and technique to bring those much-needed finishing touches to your photographs. Join Jamie as she teaches some of her Lightroom tips and secrets.


kick ass with your

- Speed Up Your Overall Turn-Around Time

- Improve Multiple Session Organization

- Master Consistency Across Different Shoots

- Implement Better Session Back-Up Plans

- Create a Fast & Efficient Workflow

- Focus On Synchronizing, Publishing, & more!

As Photographers we should be spending less time in front of a computer screen and more time behind our cameras. Join Jamie as she shares all of her secrets of a fast and efficient workflow & how she handles multiple sessions.



- Learn on-camera & off-camera lighting tips

- Work with Strobes & Continuous Lighting

- Discover New Poses & Candid Posing Tricks

- Explore Downtown's Unique Backdrops

- Create New Content For Your Portfolio

- Get Hands-On Tips To Improve Your Photos

Join Jamie & Danette on an adventure in downtown Las Vegas learning to become more versitle in various lighting conditions, & poses on the fly. Receive on-the-spot critique & direction to help improve your photo skills.

photo walk


- Learn The Impression Your Website Is Giving

- Discover Your Current Brand-Voice

- Implement Tips To Encourage Conversion

- Maximize Each Page For Better SEO

- Create Effective Call-To-Actions

- Strengthen Your Online Presence

Danette or Jamie will sit down with you for up to 30 minutes (scheduled for a later date) to discuss your website & brand. They'll give you tips & show you tricks to help improve your online presence to book more clients!

website review


- Receive Customized Constructive Criticism

- Learn What Can Help Improve Your Photos

- Have Specific Questions Answered

- Learn Composition Tricks

- Implement Posing Tips 

Danette or Jamie will sit down with you for up to 30 minutes (scheduled for a later date) to give constructive criticism on your current portfolio. Get specific questions answered and feedback tailored to you and your photo style.

portfolio review


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Get all of the above plus a light breakfast, a badass lunch, and an after-party for the ages.

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This workshop is for any photographer feeling stuck or uninspired. Its a workshop for those of you wanting to take leaps with your business this year. And most of all, its for those of you who need a creative push. Whether you're just starting your business, or you've been in business for awhile, let us make you into a freaking badass.

who's this workshop for?

What Should We Bring?

A laptop or notebook, your camera and flash (and optionally, you can bring a lighting modifier and/or triggers).

Is my seat transferable? 

We totally understand that life happens. If you reserve a spot and can't make it, you are able to transfer it to someone else!

What if the workshop is full? is there a waitlist?

There is a waitlist. If the workshop fills up, we'll post here on the website, and also have a link to sign up for the waitlist!

workshop date:

Sunday, March 11th, 2018

workshop time:

Workshop: 10:30am - 6:30pm

After Party: 7:00pm - 8:00pm

workshop location:

1126 Fremont St
Las Vegas, NV 89101

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UPDATE: As of 2/12/18 there are 5 seats left!